Do you want to meet transexuals?

What used to be very difficult is made very easy through the Internet!

Societal norms are slowly shifting. Meeting transexuals is easier than ever. Have you noticed how open gay and lesbian couples have become in recent years? Our modern society is trending toward more acceptance of relationships that fall outside the so called normal woman and man couples.

These days it is quite common in many cities to see same sex couples together and you occasionally get a glimpse of a man with a transexual. Often you’d never know it anyway, because transexuals can be very beautiful and passable.

The Internet is something of a miracle for LGBT folks who used to live on the fringes of society or more often, closeted and in fear of being discovered. The Internet provides a great way for us transexuals to research and network. We are able to make contacts with other transgender people all over the world to share our knowledge and experiences.

Find a Sexy Transsexual to Date Tonight!




I have often watched videos that demonstrate how to talk like a woman, walk like a woman or put on makeup like a woman. It has allowed me to transform from a non-passable transexual to a fairly striking lady if I may say so.

The Internet has also been a great way to meet friends and lovers. I’ve met transexuals online and have had the pleasure to get to know many in person. I have also met many gentlemen in the transexual personals for dating and romance.

It used to be very difficult to meet transexuals and admirers. Now it’s so easy I take it for granted. Before the transexual dating sites we had to go out to smoke filled bars in seedy areas of town, just hoping to find someone interesting. Now, we can log into a transexual dating site and browse hundreds or maybe thousands of local people, all from the safety and comfort of our home. Most of the male transexual admirers I’ve spoke with say it’s much easier to meet t-girls online than in a nightclub.

One of the problems with meeting transexuals in bars is that they may be surrounded by other men, all wanting the same thing! Contrast that with the fact that you can reach out to transexuals in the personals and if you get her attention, you’ll be out on a one-on-one date with her all to yourself. You won’t have to outshine all the other guys who want her attention. Even more importantly, you will have gotten to know her at least a little before you go out. That’s a big advantage over meeting a t-girl at a bar.

What is it that’s so special about dating a transexual?

I think the fact that I was born male has no bearing on my female mind and soul, except that it has caused me to work harder to be more feminine and attractive than many genetic women. I have the heart of a woman and I have transformed my body to match.

Yes, I love being sexual. I’m a very sensual being. I love to flirt and tease and be appreciated by a gentlman, but please treat me as you would any lady. You’ll find that I respond quite nicely. If however, you treat me like nothing more than a sexual object, you may never get to know the real me — the part that loves being with a man, pleasing and being pleased in a very sensual manner.

A quick read of Amber Lynn’s Transexual Dating Guide would be a great idea. It’s a free download and has some pretty decent information to help you make the most of your dating experiences with transexuals.


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